An idea born out of obsession for innovation and style

Welcome to Salty Beach Life I am so proud to announce that we are now launching this fabulous online market place to start this exiting journey that lies ahead of us – a journey I hope to join with you and all other beach lovers across the globe.

Salty Beach Life was born out of passion, or shall I say obsession, for practical things that can make life easier. Whilst still being fabulous with great design and function. A passion for beach life in a functional and stylish way.

My story Some 10 years ago myself and my then boyfriend now husband came to Australia. To study, travel and have fun. We never left. Australia – this beautiful land of plenty filled with opportunity, friendly people, beautiful weather and a zillion beaches – a dream place to live life really – at least for a frozen Swede used to short summers and long dark winters.

This obsession of mine for functional stuff with great design, it must be a Swedish thing. Brouhgt up in the country of innovations and design – think IKEA, Volvo, Skype, Spotify, H&M - it is just comes natural to surround myself with things that are clever stuff that makes you feel great.

Beach life with little ones When my first son Leo was born we bought one of these Cancer Council tents for the beach. With a new baby I saw no other solution if we wanted to be able to keep coming to the beach (if only for very short sessions as he was not the easiest baby) and protect our little bubba from the sun. But the Swede in me was crying. This bright blue plastic thingy it is just so darn ugly. And to be honest not very comfy either always getting too hot or too small or its too windy. We ended up taking the umbrella instead. Which isn’t great either as it creates a very small shaded area and it nearly kills people when it blows away. That is when I found the ‘oh so clever’ and fantastically beautiful Sombrilla Sun Shade.

And on it went trying to find practical things for this beach life of ours – gearing up for fun days at the beach or pool whilst protecting us from the harsh rays of the sun. As the boys grew bigger, so did the amount of stuff we had to take to the beach. How do you as a mother carry all that beach gear, surf stuff and food without breaking your back? How do you get back to the car with overly tired kids and an exhausted mum and/or dad. It can be quite stressful right!! After years on the search for stuff that makes beach life easier for the whole family I have realized that there are a lot of clever people out there with innovative products AND great design – it is just not always so easy to find them.

So at Salty Beach Life we are all about sourcing those fantastic products, collecting them in one online market place, so it is easier for you to just do what you love to do – enjoy that beautiful beach and Embrace the Summer.   

Louise Warnelid

Passionate beach goer and Founder of Salty Beach Life

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