5 Ways To Avoid A Painful Sunburn

We have all been there and done it. Gone to the beach and came home with a wicked sunburn that hurts, blisters and makes us utterly miserable. It takes time to heal and during that process becomes itchy, peels and otherwise uncomfortable.

That is all aside from the worldwide problem of skin cancer so here are 5 five tips on avoiding a sunburn.

  1. Shade – Staying out of direct sun is a huge help in reducing sun burn. Beach shades or tents, umbrellas or natural shade can make the day at the beach much safer. That is why we love our beach tents so much because they are big enough for a family and they look great while saving our loved ones from the sun’s rays. Of course reflected sunlight can still burn so you will still have to take other precautions as well.

  2. Sunscreen - Sunblock is the number one thing you can use to prevent sunburn. Although SPF comes with many different numbers on them, it has recently been decided that anything over fifteen is overkill. In fact, SPFs with higher numbers, have more chemicals and may be more toxic to the body. The key is not the number on the bottle, but extreme vigilance in putting it on at regular intervals. There are even types that are water and sweat resistant which is wonderful, however, some people think that means that they can put it on and swim all day without reapplying. Any type of sunblock needs to be reapplied. Depending on your skin every 1.5 to 2 hours.

    Another mistake concerning sunblock that many people make is not applying it to certain parts of the body that are exposed. Obvious parts such as arms, legs, back are usually covered, but people tend to forget about the tops and backs of their ears, lips, face etc. These areas can sunburn as well and when they do, they are often even more uncomfortable than a sunburn on the most obvious parts.

  3. Peak Hours - The sun has peak hours. Between these hours, depending on where you are located, are when the sun is at its most intense. These hours are between 10:00 and 15:00. It is recommended to stay out of the sun during these hours completely or for long periods of time in order to reduce your risk of a sunburn.

  4. Kids beach sun shirtCover Up - Another great way to avoid the sun is by wearing a sun shirt or material covering but you should be aware than a typical t-shirt can be as low as SPF3-5 and stops only some of the sun’s harmful rays. 

    Rashies or swimming shirts are amazing sun blockers in and out of the water. They can keep you cool while wet too and available in kids and adults sizes and styles. The ones with zippers are much easier to remove especially for adults.

  5. Don’t Forget Your Head - Wearing a hat protects your scalp which can be forgotten and particularly dangerous for those with thinner hair. A hat provides mobile shade for your face too so keep one on at all times. Remember that a cap only shades the front and your ears and neck are exposed unless you wear a wide-brimmed hat.

Even if you go to the beach and the sky is covered in clouds, sunscreen is still a necessity. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are very powerful and can reach your skin through the clouds. Many people assume that clouds mean its ok to skip the sunblock, however it is quite the opposite.

Next time you are planning a beach get away or just an outdoor trip, don’t forget these tips. The best way not to deal with a miserable sunburn is to avoid the sunburn in the first place!

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