Finding the perfect children’s beach poncho


I have been on the hunt for the perfect children’s beach ponchos for a while now for the Salty Beach Life product range and after some serious research I've found there is A LOT of cheap and nasty kids ponchos out there with cartoon prints and ugly colors. I don’t like them. They are darn ugly and ought to be toxic. And then there is the upmarket kids ponchos in thick and plush terry making them heavy (for mummy to carry), takes ages to dry and very expensive. Others have zippers that are fiddly for the kids, and some are open in the front so don’t stay on….arghh. The children’s beach poncho I am after with the right features and the right style to fit in with our Salty Beach Life concept does not seem to be out there.

Solution = Make your own

So now in the production line over in Turkey we have what we think is the ultimate kid’s poncho for playful days at the beach, pool or after bath under way.

We are still waiting for the initial sample photos so we can’t show you any images at this stage yet, but this photo shows the towel we are using to manufacture.

This towel is our hugely popular Mediterranean style Turkish towel range and will make perfect for a poncho for our little ones as it is light, soft , 100% cotton, absorbent and quick-dry and it takes no space in the bag.

We are making it hooded in a ‘pull over style’ so it stays on your child really well for great protection and leaves hands free to carry things and allows for free play. Unisex stripy colours makes this kids beach towel smart, simple and just so clever. Yey! Now fingers crossed they come out as nice as we are planning for.

Watch this space and follow us on Facebook for the launch of our new stylish and oh so clever thin super fast drying kid’s beach hooded poncho.


Embrace that beautiful beach life of yours!

Louise Wärnelid

Passionate Founder

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