A truly luxurious beach towel with clever anti-sand effect

So what makes the perfect luxurious beach towel? Well I guess that is a very personal thing depending on who you are and what you are using it for. I would say that for most people it is a plush, soft, large and gorgeous piece of towel with great colors in your preference.

At Salty Beach Life we are all about clever, highly functional and beautiful items for beach use and on the search for the ultimate luxury beach towel we found the fantastic Spiaggia Ombre Beach Towels. They are made from 100% organic cotton in Turkey, they are large, soft and they are truly beautiful. They tick all the boxes for a luxury beach towel, but they also have something else that is very unique. They have something they call an anti-sand effect. The front side of the towel is made from a soft luxurious 100% organic cotton terry, while the back side is made with a flat woven technique so that the sand won't get stuck in the towel - giving its famous anti-sand effect. No chemicals or other nasties used just a very clever woven technique and WOW it does work. No more heavy, wet towels filled with sand to carry home from the beach as it is just to shake the sand off and go.

For me that makes the perfect luxurious beach towel so join the luxury beach towel heaven and order yours here today SHOP


Embrace Summer in in a functional and stylish way.

Louise Wärnelid

Passionate Founder


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