Libby Trickett new Ambassador for SwimFin Australia

As a customer, colleague and online entrepreneur I would like to congratulate SwimFin Australia, our newly appointed distributor of our beloved shark fin for the great achievement in getting our very own Libby Trickett on board as ambassador for this very unique product. The shark fin was introduced to Australia by our sister brand LittleSharksOnline and it has been a fantastic experience to follow the growth of this very clever learn to swim floatie. With the help of SwimFin Australia, and Libby Trickett the shark float will most certainly spread across our swimming nation, helping to improve our kids swimming ability and give our children confidence in the water. 

“I’m very proud to be a SwimFin ambassador. Swimming has been a huge part of my life and I hope to encourage the next generation of swimmers to not only be safe in the water but to love their experience while learning to swim!” says Libby. “Being confident is a huge part of how kids will learn to feel comfortable in the water, and SwimFin gives them that. With its fun shape and availability in different colours, it makes water safety and learning to swim fun.”

 – Libby Trickett

The shark fin floatie is suitable for kids all of ages, but is ideal for 2-6 year olds who are in early stages of learning to swim or already enrolled in a learn to swim program. It is made from high quality EVA foam, comes with a lifetime guarantee and is currently available in six colour options: red, blue, orange, pink, grey and black. 


For a demonstration please view Libby Trickett showcasing this very clever product in this 2min video



At Salty Beach Life we are all about sourcing clever products with great design that will make a difference in your life, collecting them in one online market place, so it is easier for you to just do what you love to do – enjoy that beautiful beach and Embrace the Summer.    

Louise Warnelid

Passionate beach goer and Founder of Salty Beach Life( and Little Sharks Online)

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