The perfect beach tent shelter this summer

How can you not fall in love with our Sombrilla sun shades? In my family we absolutely love ours. It is so easy to set up, it looks fabulous, it does not blow away and it gives enough shade for all 4 of us. As the sun moves during the day we can just make the easy adjustment to give shade for the lower afternoon sun. So clever. Every time we set up at the beach or at the park people come up and say ‘That is just gorgeous WHERE did you buy that?’ I am very proud to say that my answer now is ‘From the online concept store we just launched, Salty Beach Life’


The Sombrilla sun shelter is boasting of colour presenting a gorgeous range of shades that will protect you and your family when the summer gets steamy and the rays are harsh. The Sombrilla is the perfect replacement for those beach umbrellas that will fly away as soon as the wind picks up. And not to mention those darn ugly sun tents (read cancer council tents) in horrid colours that get steamy hot and just crammed. It’s like sitting at the beach in a cave. No – it’s time to upgrade to a beautiful functional Sombrilla sun shade! Its high quality and great designs have really hit big with people across the world and so we are not surprised these sell like hot cakes already and no wonder this is such a gorguios Christmas present for the whole family. Click here to shop your Sombrilla Sun Shade

Watch this space as the weather heats up for more clever and beautiful items that will make your summer a breeze.


Stay safe, stay cool and Embrace Summer!

Louise Wärnelid

Passionate Founder

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